Óscar Blanco - Coordination

He is the founder and director of Cultura & Comunicación since 2001. He has a degree in Cinematography from the ECAM (School of Cinematography and Audiovisuals of Madrid) and a degree in Labour Relations. Within Cultura & Comunicación he has coordinated the communication of music-, art-, theatre-, cinema- and literature-related festivals and events all over Spain. In Castilla y León he runs the communication department of the TAC (Valladolid Festival of Street Arts and Theatre), the FACYL (Castilla y León International Arts Festival), and the Castilla y León - Ciudad Rodrigo Theatre Fair, among other events. Furthermore, he is the Coordinator of the Foro de la Cultura.

Eduardo Vielba - Projects

Eduardo has a degree in Psychology from the University of Salamanca. He coordinates and plans communication campaigns for different cultural projects and events. Since 2006 he runs the press department of the Spanish Theatre, Auditorium, Circuits and Public Festivals Network. Furthermore, he coordinates the communication offices of events such as Palencia's International Cinema Festival and the Burgos-New York International Choreography Contest. He was also part of the research team that wrote two recent papers analysing the activity and characteristics of the theatre sector in Spain: 'Mapa de programación de los espacios escénicos públicos' and 'Estudio de las redes y circuitos teatrales. 2006-2010'.

María Hernández - International Relations

María graduated in Journalism from the Pontificia University of Salamanca in 2006. She has worked in Cultura & Comunicación since 2008, managing the communication of several cultural events all around Spain. In addition, she has carried out the management of different international relations cultural projects and also that of 2.0 communication projects. She works in the implementation of 2.0 communication projects and in the management of 2.0 communication plans, which have been adapted to the off line communication strategies. Some of these examples are the European Fair of Theatre for Boys and Girls (FETEN in Spanish) or the Medina del Campo Cinema Week.

Iris M. Vázquez - Content edition

Iris graduated in Journalism from the University of Valladolid in 2011 and has since 2013 a Master's Degree from the same university in Culture Economy and Cultural Management. She started working in newspapers, radio stations and digital media, being always linked to the dissemination of cultural and touristic contents. She has worked in Cultura & Comunicación since March 2013 by preparing and implementing communication plans for different cultural events in Spain. These projects link together offline and 2.0 communication strategies for entities such as the Miguel Delibes Auditorium in Valladolid and the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra (OSCyL).

Wifredo Román - Content edition

He was born in Palencia in 1976 and graduated in History from the University of Salamanca and in Journalism from the Pontifica University of Salamanca. After working in different newspapers, he joined Cultura & Comunicación in 2001. He has coordinated communication campaigns in dozens of cinema, theatre, music and magic festivals, in addition to many other cultural events. He runs the Palencia publishing house Aruz and has co-written books such as Castillos de Ceniza: historia de los cines en la Montaña Palentina (2002) or El Pozo Calero: historia de la minería en el valle de Santullán (2004).

Javier Gómez González - Studies and Research

Javier has a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Valladolid. He graduated in Sociology from the UNED (Open University) and in Geography from the University of Valladolid. He has a Master's Degree in Organisation Process Consultancy. He currently teaches at the University School for Business Administration in Valladolid. His work and research focus mainly on the sociology of organisations, the evaluation of cultural policies and the analysis of the social impact on technology. Within these fields, he has published different papers and taken part in different Spanish and European projects. He is the director of the Consultancy and Organisation Development Processes Master's Degree and the coordinator of the Master's Degree on Foreign Trade of the University of Valladolid.

Laura de Domingo Sanz - Studies and Research

She graduated from the University of Valladolid in Literature Theory and Compared Literature and also in Business Administration. She is currently studying a Master's Degree in Cultural Management from the Open University of Cataluña (UOC). She has worked as a researcher in projects for the Department of Sociology and Social Work of the University of Valladolid and also as a freelancer for research and consultancy services in fields such a management consultancy and study implementation for cultural offer and participation.

Carlos Peña - Graphic design

Carlos is a graphic designer with a degree in Information Technologies from the Pontificia University of Salamanca. In 2009 and after over ten years working in different media and communication and design agencies, he founded El ático gráfico in Salamanca. He carries out projects on graphic communication, editorial design, web design and corporate identity.

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